The Lost Heir

You remember the Dragonet Prophecy? Well, this picks up where it left off. Just as Clay narrated the last book, Tsunami shares her point of view in the Lost Heir. With a killer, a creepy general, a crazed queen, an animus sister and a smarmy librarian, this book gets itself no less than four stars.****.



Calling all Wings of Fire fans. Like Tsunami? Clay? Starflight? Sunny? Glory? Well, you are going to love this post. Tell me which is your favorite character and why, and I’ll give you the first few chapters of my novel. Go to my post Novel, to be updated at 12/10/15, and read. Enjoy!


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Sky Raiders

The book Sky Raiders, the first installment in the Five Kingdom series, will be sure to draw many readers. It’s a story about a boy who is transported into a magical world, and he must learn to survive. Joined by Mira and Jace, Cole goes on an adventure. With a little help from a Grand Shaper in hiding, can Cole get back to his world, before it is too late? As one of Brandon Mull’s  more exciting installments, I rate this five stars.*****


This report will be in Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone. This novel is full of wands, magic classes, and Quidditch. Young and old will enjoy this book. The Harry Potter series starts for children, but increases in complexity of grammar and plot. I’ve read all seven books, and they never fail to disappoint. Five stars.*****