Why hasn’t Harry Potter seen thestrals until the fifth book?



A subject of great controversy is why he hasn’t seen thestrals until the fifth book. He has experienced several deaths since before then, from his parent’s to Quirrel’s to many others. So why?

Many people think that the reason Harry didn’t see them on his first year is because Harry never really saw his parents die, just watched a burst of green light and a weird snake man with no nose yelling. That covers that year.

But in the first year, Quirrel died. So Harry should have been able too see the thestrals in the second year, right? Wrong. Harry blacked out before Quirrel died. Harry’s touch did burn the professor, but, remember, Quirrel was also strangling him. Also, you could argue that the professor was already dead, with Voldemort and all. So, technically, Harry didn’t see Quirrel die.

The second year held two deaths, and that was by the basilisk and Tom Riddle. So, in the third year, it seems reasonable to assume he saw the thestrals. However, the basilisk would not really count, as I believe it only works for creatures with a will, and Tom Riddle wasn’t a  real person. He was only an echo, a parasite, living off Ginny’s fears  and woes.

In the fourth year. Harry, when he was staying at the Weasley’s, saw the caretaker die in his dream. So, why no thestrals on the fourth year? Again, Harry really didn’t see him die. Also, maybe you have to be there in person. So no thestrals.

And that brings us to the fifth year, where he finally saw thestrals.

I hope you liked this! I’ll have future “Debatable Author Mistakes” in the really soon!

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