Debatable Author Mistake: Tsunami’s Hatching Problems



If you know Tsunami, you know she is often irritable, aggressive, and grouchy. But what you might not have realized is the weird hatching. It starts like this: a dragon egg takes one year to hatch. And Webs said right before he joined the Talons of Peace, he saw Tsunami’s egg. Two years later, it hatched. Problem?

There might be several reasonable explanations for this.

1)Perhaps the different ‘Wings eggs take longer to hatch than the other tribes.

2)Maybe Tsunami had a non visible mutation(possible?)

3)Finally, Queen Coral’s genetics might produce eggs that take twice as long to mature.


most likely is 1, least likely is 3

But, despite the purpose of these posts, which are to explain what might be conceived as mistakes, this one might actually be a mistake.


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