I know that this is a book review site. But I MUST warn you about this movie. Cinnamon, the terrible talking dog movie. First, there is the disgusting acting, with a bad script that is clearly intended to be funny, but failed. In addition, the movie is not friendly to under 7 year olds. Too much inappropriate content. Overly romantic, with features I shall not relate, as they are highly inappropriate for this website. The plot line is weak and paper thin, not meant to be stretched out over 1h and 31 min. And I haven’t even started on the “protagonist”. Cinnamon is a menace. She is an extremely spoiled dog with very little personal growth. She never cared about her owner’s life, just her own. The reason for no personal growth is because she is like a parasite, being “happy” on whatever suits her current interest. Eventually she’ll just throw it away like a broken toy. Only one person I know likes this movie. Words can not describe how bad it is. If negative stars were a thing, – 1,000 stars. If not, 0 stars.


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